This is Florin Lupusoru’s official website as a presidential candidate for the upcoming Romanian election of 2019.

The Presidential Candidate

Florin Lupusoru is a privileged 43 year old white male who has a long history of attempting suicide while dealing with liberals and asking them the wrong questions. Many people call him crazy, unrealistic or unbelievably courageous.  He is a nice guy, single, childless, never been married, never been in a meaningful relationship, and who gave up years ago any hope for finding real love.

His favorite hobby is finding the truth. While rambling across Europe and sleeping on the street, Florin Lupusoru hoped to find a place where people were treated as human beings. He is still looking for that place. Meanwhile he had the opportunity to talk to real people about their real problems, and see for himself the big discrepancy between what people had to say and the official version. He believes that governments are people’s biggest enemy and that the right to ask questions should be a basic human right, and nobody, under no circumstances, should have the right to impede it.

Florin Lupusoru was born in a country where people wanted freedom, democracy and respect, not enslavement, corruption, and the total destruction of their country’s economy.

Florin Lupusoru speaks fluently three languages, understands five, and is able to disagree with people on almost any subject. Although he holds a degree in engineering and enjoys writing, his manuscripts have never received any  publishing offer yet because too controversial. He only managed to self publish a political satire for which he was unable to find a proper editor and had to do everything alone. This experience left him socially marginalized, almost homeless, risking to fail all of his last year exams, and on the brink of suicide. That was the time when he realized that people don’t like to be told the truth, especially when the truth hurts.

Florin Lupusoru’s properties amount to about $25000 comprising a small house, a garden without fence, a fountain, several trees, and a dog, which is priceless when rambling across the country. His debt instead (student debt) amounts to more than £32000 (or $45000) at the time of writing, which he is unable to pay while writing CVs for jobs that don’t exist.

The Website

This website is written both in English and Romanian because we need everybody’s help. We can’t fight against the Globalist Empire alone. Romanian people are too demoralized, too divided, too poor and the nation is too small for such a great endeavor.

The Presidential Campaign

There will be no televised speeches, no adds, no pictures or heartbreaking messages all over the place, no begging for attention from the mainstream media, and no deals with corporations and the political class.  We will be knocking from door to door to discuss real problems with the real people. We want nothing more than to offer real solutions to the forgotten majority.