Fortune smiles on the brave

People often ask me how am I going to win the upcoming Romanian presidential race of 2019 with so little resources at my disposal. Some of them advise me straight away to simply give up because I have zero chance of winning.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus, with very little resources at his disposal, attempted the impossible. He crossed the ocean and discovered America, changing the history of the world. Fortune rewarded him for his courage.

Ironically, the situation in Romania might look similar. No one would believe that an outsider, against all odds, could challenge the political status quo. This is a great disadvantage, but also an advantage. After 29 years of political chaos (called democracy) people are tired, disappointed, and hopeless. Normally, only 40% of electorate would vote. Politicians have lost all credibility and no amount of promises would convince people to vote. That’s why this whole situation might favor an outsider, even an outsider with limited resources but enough courage.