Intellectual cowardice

Once upon a time, intellectuals were supposed to “enlighten” the masses, to inspire them, and to fight side by side with them against tyranny. In the 1848’s uprising, intellectuals from all over Europe managed to mobilize the entire continent for a common cause. That was a time when freedom for all was a more important cause than personal interest.

Nowadays, the intellectual class has lost all contact with the common people. Never mind inspiring other people. Intellectuals have lost any courage of inspiring even themselves.

Yet, they seem to be more sophisticated than ever.

Just try to involve them in anything that requires fighting for freedom and see how many excuses they can find. Because they are so progressive, so open minded, so tolerant, so politically correct, and so inclusive… They are so passive, so confident, and so insultingly indifferent to the common people; the same people that pay their wages and enable their parasitic existence.

There is no more brotherhood between intellectuals and the masses. Intellectuals have betrayed us when we need them the most.