Just another “anti discrimination” entity that doesn’t care about discrimination

I have sent a petition recently to the Romanian “Anti Discrimination National Committee” and complained about the discrimination against the common people when it comes to running for the public office. In the letter I have shown three main areas of discrimination:

  • Access to resources

A non political person has literally zero support from the authorities and zero possibilities to collect the 200000 signatures required in order to run for president. He might try to collect them by himself, which is an impossible task and might require several years.

  • Access to mass media

The same person has zero access to the mainstream media in order to publicize his own campaign and to ask for help

  • Access to information

The same person has no access to reliable information regarding the state of the nation in order build his own projects. Only biased information and manipulated statistics are at his disposal.

Here is the reply in full:

Basically, they are saying that, for my petition to be accepted, there has to be some “proof” of discrimination  and,  I am supposed to be the person who should provide such proof, after which, they might start some investigation. In other words, they simply don’t give a damn.