Sorry Europe, this guy might become your next leader

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis might become the next leader of the European Council, a position currently occupied by Donald Tusk until December 2019.

The Presidential Administration has not confirmed or infirmed the news yet. However, it seems that President Iohannis is becoming very popular at Bruxelles and increasingly unpopular in his own country due to his liberal policies.

In January 2019 Romania will take over anyway the European Presidency for six months. This also coincides with the upcoming Romanian presidential election of 2019.

If President Iohannis decides to run for the Presidency of the European Council, he will have to give up the presidential race in Romania. He might not be able to win a second mandate in Romania anyway. The ex Prime Minister Victor Ponta also gave up the upcoming presidential race due to endless scandals and little credibility left for his image.

The general population would say that things have become so bad in Romania that even the president has decided to emigrate.

After 29 years of liberalism and political chaos the Romanian society has reached a breaking point where politicians struggle for their credibility. Only an outsider might be able to get the popular support in the next presidential election.

As for President’s Iohannis possible candidature for the Presidency of the European Council, he has a very powerful advantage: he is a liberal.

Sorry Europe.