The endless political instability in Romania

Meet Viorica Dancila, the latest Prime Minister or Romania and the first female Prim Minister of Romania, as well as the 15th Prime Minister after the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Adding to that six more Acting Prime Ministers we have a total of 21 Romanian Prim Ministers in only 29 years! That’s quite a great achievement, isn’t it?

Viorica Dancila became Prime Minister on the 29th of January 2018, as the third one in the last year, a remarkable year of scandals, problems and an endless political crisis. She is a member of the biggest political party, which, at the moment, is deeply divided, making Romania almost ungovernable.

Just to see how tired and disgusted people are, see the following graph with the ruling Romanian political parties and their presence on the social media:

 February 2018

The future of Romania looks very promising.

May God have mercy upon us!