The right not to be ignored is also a human right

My petition to CNCD (the Romanian Antidiscrimination National Council) against the Romanian political mafia (sent on the 13th of August 2018) has remained unanswered, for obvious reasons. Despite their pompous and intimidating name, they seem to be just another useless organization controlled by the elite.

In my petition I was complaining about the lack of opportunities given to common citizens in exercising their constitutional right of being accepted as a presidential candidate. The law requires 200000 signatures, which are impossible to collect without access to mass media, access to resources and access to the same opportunities as the members of the political elite. If you are a peasant like me, the press will simply ignore you without giving explanations. The same is true with the local authorities. At best, they might call you a retard or a psycho.

So, I have written to them for the third time, this time in English, and informed them that a copy of this petition will also be sent to the following:

  • The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • The President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump
  • The President of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin

These letters have been sent already by post on the 8th of October 2018. They will be published soon on this website.